Review from S.S (Friend of Resident)

Lovely friendly home with kind staff and efficient management. Met the owner many times and he is also very nice.
Clean rooms and good food. Always music playing and things going on.

16th January 2020

Review from C G (Resident)

Good staff and good home. Better than most and helpful to residents.

16th January 2020

Review from Kristy S (Great-Niece of Resident)

We were met at the door by a very friendly cover who was delightful. Chef offered a drink which was appreciated. The home was warm and friendly and the staff attentive. Great Aunt is very happy there.

23rd December 2019

Review from D V (Resident)

Staff very kind and caring.

6th June 2019

Review from Bryan W (Resident)

Very well looked after food very good.

1st November 2018

Review from David I (Son of Resident)

Dad came to Crest House as an emergency admission after yet another fall at home. We had always aid I never want to end up in a care home. However, all at Crest House provided such an excellent experience, the family were able to convince him he really would now be better living here. Dad has settled in very well and is enjoying being looked after. He especially loves the meals. Food has always been very important to him.

31st October 2018

Review from J F (Resident)

Friendly/homely/welcoming. “Attends” quickly when called.

25th September 2018

Review from Catherine H (Regular Volunteer)

I lead a group of parents and children who go into Crest House regularly. We aim to interact with the residents by singing, eating and crafting together, ending with a storytelling session. We are always made to feel extremely welcome and staff join in when possible. The residents are so happy and
relaxed and comfortable. They look forward to our visit and we all chat amiably together. We raise the roof singing! Crest House is such a friendly place where the Staff are consistently attentive, unflappable and so obviously care, if not love, the residents. It is always spotless. Crest House is known in the area for being a small, friendly and highly a respected care Home, reaching out to the local community where possible. The owner is passionate that no older person should be lonely, giving opportunities for free coffee mornings.
29th August 2018

Review from C.C (Resident)

When I arrived I could hardly do anything, I was so poorly. However, the staff looked after me and all of my needs. The care I received was so good I have recovered to the point of getting ready to go home.The catering is first class with fresh cooked meals every day. The accommodation is worthy of a gold star with everything one could need.

Most days there is some activity to enjoy from singing to yoga. I would recommend this care home to anyone.

5th September 2018